Gran Canaria - La casa de Berny

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Gran Canaria is a volcanic island whose marine tides, relief and great latitude determine its summery weather present all year round. The island’s nickname, ‘Miniature Continent’, is what best express the wide variety of different landscapes this great island has to offer. Along with the island’s infrastructure it all makes of Gran Canaria an ideal destination for your holidays at any time of the year.

Gran Canaria’s seaside, 236km, is mainly represented by white sand beaches especially in the South East part of the island. Cliffs are more predominant in the West and South West, while on the North and North East parts white sand and black sand beaches alternate offering the visitors a wide variety of beaches and coves.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, capital of the island, is located in the North between two bays and their beaches: Las Canteras beach and Alcaravaneras beach. The city was founded in June 23, 1478, and it has a very important cultural and historical core located in the colonial district of Vegueta.

Apart from this two magnificent beaches, the constant presence of the sun and its diverse landscapes, Gran Canaria offers you the possibility of practicing many outdoor sports, like swimming, snorkling, diving, jogging, cycling, climbing, paragliding, motorcycling and many more.
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